A Message for all Complete Wedding Packages customers from the Owners:

First and foremost, we would like to begin by saying when this company was fist started over 7 years ago our main goal was to provide couples with a beautiful wedding without having them to go broke paying for it. As our luck would have it, the only people to go broke was us. We offered Photography, Videography and DJ at a very reasonable rate, and performed above and beyond for hundreds of tri-state area couples. Recently, we encountered some business and personal hardships, and it was never intended to come this far or to this level, but recent reviews online have lead to this conclusion and this letter.

Moving forward, we would like to keep a good relationship until our business together concludes. There is no need to try to find us any where, we are right here figuring out the best and easiest way possible to get you all your products. Being this business can no longer make us the money we need to fulfill these contracts, we will be doing other work as well to make sure this is completed. We strongly advise our customers to please only contact us here, we have set up an additional email for our production department and this email will be checked weekly, and we will answer each email in the order it was received.

Please accept our apology in this matter, as we are working as fast and best as possible to fulfill all contracts. Even in our current state being out of business, we are still honoring all contracts, we are just not able to give time frames on completed albums or edited videos at this exact time. We are working along with our printers and editors to move as quickly as possible as we know some of you have waited very long, and we are very sorry for this long wait time.

As we are upset about this, and discouraged that this has happened, life must go on, for you and for us. So please, know that we are aware of all the harsh words being said online, and through email, and we hear your out reach through our friends and family. We want to keep every thing professional as possible, and please just remember, we are normal regular people who never intended to hurt anyone, this business took a bad turn we were not prepared for and we do apologize from the bottom of our hearts. We are working best we can to make sure everyone gets their products. So we strongly suggest that everyone stays calm and allows us to do what we need to do to conclude all Complete Wedding Packages Contracts.

Thank you for your business, thank you for your patience, and thank you most of all for making the last 8 years a huge part of our lives, we met great friends and we will never regret the fun we had with all of you on the day of your weddings and events.

Sincerely, Amanda & Andy info@completeweddingpackages.com